"I used to do a lot of weird things to entertain myself.
Do you remember those portable tape recorders that had
flat speakers on the top? I used to put a piece of cellophane
on top of the speaker and crumble biscuits on top of it.
I'd then play Super Trouper by Abba at full volume and watch the
crumbs jump up and down with the vibrations." -Rhona Mitra

First things first. For anyone that doesn't already know,
Rhona Mitra is GOD! That's right God. Let me tell you a little story.
One day James and Stephanie were siting in front of a computer looking
at pictures off Lara Croft models, trying to decide who was the best.
We quickly realized that it was no contest, it was obvious that a model
by the holy name "Rhona Mitra" was by far the best Tomb Raider model
that ever lived and ever will live. She had the body, the face, the
hair, the attitude......she was perfect. Once we started reading
interviews we fell in love with her. Not only is she hot, she's really
smart and funny as hell too. As James would put it, slap a joint in
Lara Croft's hand and you have Rhona Mitra, and let me just say, it
doesn't get much better than that. ~STEPH~