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We're experiencing so many new things so it's cool to have
someone who's right there with you to talk to. It's really
great to be two." -Marit

Awwwwwwww. M2M, I LOVE M2M. The fact that their music is
slightly cheezy doesn't even bother me. They write, sing,
and play all their songs. They're a two man band from
Norway, no Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson here, so
DON'T HATE!! Not even James, hater of all cheezy music can
hate on them. Marion and Marit go hand in hand, you can't
have one without the other, it just wouldn't be right.
Marion is the hot one, Marit is the cute one and I talk
from personal experiance when I say, they're even better
looking in person. (best day of my life may I add) ~STEPH~